At the beginning of 2008, Richard was hit by a laser ray.

When the ray reached his shoulder sensor, he quickly turned around and caught it with his bare hand, no doubt leading to a new kind of show...

Laserman debuted on the scene at the end of 2008 and since then received rave reviews on the domestic and international scene. The official website of the project is

Considering there are only a few of its kind in the entire world, materializing coherent rays of light, Laserman CZ is a very unique show.

Besides the classic green ray show, Richard was the first to hold blue and red laser rays in his hands.

Another thing that makes Richard's portrayal of the Laserman unique is his interactive work with the laser projection - there is no competition in the world when it comes to this.

Richard's irreplaceable colleague in this project is again Jakub "Elektrokosa" Kosatik (, whose knowledge of the electrical field and exceptional skills fine tune all necessary details that even the Japanese show their appreciation after seeing the show...


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