What is Reactable? electroacoustic multi-user musical instrument that will intrigue not only with interactive control, but also from a visual aspect.

Each and every one of us had a desire to create their own track at least once in their lives.
Reactable with Richard at the helm now allows every party member to create their own musical composition by simply placing stones from pre-selected banks on to the table surface. The created track can immediately be recorded and then sent in any format via mail to the "artist's" address and can also include a (advertising) message.

Any kinds of sounds can be "placed" on the Reactable stones, including music associated with a product or company.
Any kind of graphic (logo, message, etc.) can be "placed" on the top projection table surface.

We all like to play, we are all at least a little creative and we all like new things.
Reactable meets all of the said criteria to satisfy most visitors of your party.

The design React can also be an excellent visual show with an associated presentation - React is shot directly during the game and projected on the screen for the entire audience to see.

...this Richard is one of few in the world that can show off his skills with Reactable Live.

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